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SKA KiteFoil Swiss Series

Dear Swiss Kitefoilers

We announce the launch of the SKA Kitefoil Swiss Series, the Swiss Kitefoil championchip with three competitions at two dates:

24./25. August: Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine Engadin Surf & Kite Marathon 24./25. August: Additional Foil competitions after the marathon 21./22. September: King of the lake Portalban

There will be 4 catogories: - Male / Women - Adult / Junior (below 18 years)

And a total of CHF 2‘400 price money to win.

Please read the race regulations carefully. They are in English to consider all language regions.

We are looking forward to a nice gathering of all Swiss Kitefoilers and to interesting races!

Kind regards, The Board of the Swiss Kitesailing Association

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